AJPF Virtual Fest

AJPF Going Virtual

8 . 9 - OCTOBER - 2020

Semuel Samsin

Semuel Samson - Co Founder

AJPF 2020 – Netizen Polling

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Andy Atis - Co Founder & Festival DIrector

We Bring them all to your home

Denise & Smokey - R&B Funk - USA/KL

Maurice Rugebregt & Rafael Sinay - Jazz - Netherlands

The Netizens (worldwide-web citizens) can watch the festival live from home. You can choose to join various workshops and or live performances by various artists from around the world. Schedule for all contents of the festival will be published soon.


Jessica Manuputtty - Jazz - Netherlands

Arien Cathrine - DJ

Lolita Lopilalan - Pop

Meyvis Sahili - Latin - Cuba

We are so honored and thankful to the “The Afterward,” courtesy of Dr. Christine Pronk of Sygny Ltd in London, UK, is considering joining and performing and perhaps also doing a workshop for AJPF Going Virtual.

Dr. Pronk gives us written permission to use a teaser for AJPF Going Virtual and a behind-the-scenes video profile



From our living room we now communicate with the rest of the world utilizing many new  available plugins and apps technology popping up to help us conditioning ourselves into the New Normal.



Calvin Jeremy - Creative Pop

Yasmin - DJ

We are now living in the New Normal.  This New Normal has the various nations from all corners of the world coming closer to each other. It made us have one common denominator; we all need the worldwide-web more than ever to run our lives, Which includes re planning all aspects to continue living on this planet earth.


Keith Martin - R&B - USA

MASSADA - Latin - Netherlands

Sunnie Paxson - Jazz - USA