AJPF Virtual Fest

AJPF Going Virtual

Due to the second batch of the temporary semi lockdown of Jakarta and its surrounding suburbs and cities which indirectly causes us logistical and administrative issues. Therefore, for the best interest of everyone, the participants, productions location and productions team, we have decided to postpone the festival date to the first week of November 2020. The new dates for the virtual festival will be on November 5, 6 and 7, 2020.

Maluku In Global Solidarity


The world is now living in a new condition (New Normal). This condition reduces the distance between various nations around the world. Therefore, it gives us all one denominator; we need the virtual world even more in carrying out our daily lives, including re-planning all aspects of life, so that we can continue to live on this planet earth.


From the living room, in their respective homes, netizens can communicate with the rest of the world using the many plugins and new technology applications available to help adapt to today’s world conditions.


Netizens (citizens of the virtual world) can watch various shows directly from their respective homes. Netizens can choose to join various workshops, discussions, and / or musical performances by various artists from around the world.


Due to high demand, the AJPF team plans to revive the festival in October 2020. The Coronavirus pandemic forces us to cancel all plans for our usual off-air performances. However, the rapid development of virtual world technology encourages us to be more creative and think “out of the box” out of the ordinary. We will not let the pandemic stop us from reviving the festival. So we plan to do AJPF ONLINE.


We will do AJPF virtually. We not only want to continue to bring nations to Indonesia, especially to the East.  We will also bring INDONESIA, especially bring Maluku to the rest of the world, virtually.

We Bring them all to your home

QueenFireworks - Jazz

Sandhy Sondoro -Songwriter

Denise & Smokey - Soul

Saykoji - Hip hop - Indonesia

Meyvis Sahili - Latin - Cuba

Calvin Jeremy - Pop - Indonesia

Iron Tapilaha - Pop - Indonesia

Maurice & Rafael - Jazz - Netherlands

Yopie Latul - Pop Jazz - Indonesia

Norman Pattiwael - AJPF- Netherlands

Yochen Amos - Pop - Indonesia

Sunnie Paxson - Jazz - USA

Wong Pitoe - Pop - Indonesia

Dominic Mancuso - Latin - Canada

Viky Anakotta - Pop - Indonesia

Will phillips - Percussionist - USA

Jessica Manuputty - Jazz - Netherlands

Lolita Lopulalan - Pop - Indonesia

Andre Hehanussa - Pop - Indonesia

Riza Ariesu - Jazz Dancer - Japan

Lala Suwages - Pop R&B - Indonesia


Maluku is an archipelago province that is blessed by the Creator with abundant and diverse natural resources, both on land and in the sea.

Ninety-three percent of the the province  is waters and only seven percent consists of land, with a stretch of more than “a thousand” beautiful islands.

With Maluku’s population of less than two million people in proportion to its area and natural resources, they certainly provide a general calculation that Maluku should be the “leading” province and region in Indonesia and even the world, which has been proven in the history of the map of “spices” and marine products; ready to be synergised with the potential of human resources (HR) including in the fields of culture, arts and creative economy, as well as capital and technology resources to build an advance, peaceful, inclusive, culture, prosperous and sustainable Maluku

Maluku is the main reason why Christopher Columbus (1451-1506), Ferdinand Magellan (1480-1522) and Sebastian Elcano (1476-1526), ​​traveled around the earth for  “the first circumnavigation of the Earth”, around 500 years past. Maluku is the reason why Indo-nesus (Islands in the Indian Ocean) was discovered, which is now known as Indonesia.

Several of the sons of Maluku joined President Soekarno at the beginning of the establishment of the Republic of Indonesia, such as:

  • Dr. GA Siwabessy – BATAN
  • Johannes Latuharhary – Meester in de Rechten
  • A.M. Sangaji
  • Dr. Johannes Leimena

Within the span of Maluku’s long historical potential, Maluku with effective and appropriate support from the central government should be able to realize its prosperity, can become a model area or a pilot area for regions in Indonesia that have successfully developed regions, their population and territories, realizing the figure of Maluku “gemah ripah loh jinawi. “Which is contributive to the unitary republic of Indonesia (NKRI) and even the world.


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