When three Indonesian students at Berkelee College of Music, Boston, founded a pop jazz band Parkdrive in the US, they had little imagination that their underrated project would receive a huge welcome in Indonesia. The first album sold thousand of copies in the first three months since its release in August 2005. The hit single Sekedar Cerita became a radio hit and aired frequently on MTV. The Surabaya-born vocalist Mikuni Gani, drummer Rayendra Sunito and trumpeter Juno Adhi, the latter both are also music programmers, started it all in 2002. Parkdrive’s funky, edgy and somewhat jazzy songs have attracted admirers from various age groups, teenagers and adults alike. However a couple of years after releasing their first album, the band decided to take a break from the industry and entered a long hiatus. After 12 years, they finally reunited and launched their newest album, Make it Last.

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