Oele Pattiselanno

Oele Pattiselanno

Julius Sjoerd Pattiselanno born in Malang, April 22, 1946, also known as Oele Pattiselanno, is an Indonesian jazz guitarist. His teacher is Piet Pattiselanno, his own father who is also the leader of the Rame Dendang group in Surabaya. Oele Pattiselanno was born from a family who loves music. Piet Pattiselano, Oele's father who was once an official at the Port of Tanjung Perak, Surabaya is a Hawaian music player. At home, the father often plays jazz records like Stan Kenton, Oscar Peterson, to guitarists Joe Pass and Kenny Burrell. Five children of the Pattiselano family have been familiar with jazz since childhood. Oele's brothers, Jacky Pattiselanno and Perry Pattiselanno are jazz artists. xxx Oele Pattiselanno adalah seorang gitaris jazz asal Indonesia. Gurunya adalah Piet Pattiselanno, ayahnya sendiri yang juga pemimpin grup Rame Dendang di Surabaya. Oele Pattiselanno lahir dari keluarga yang menyukai musik. Piet Pattiselano, ayah Oele yang pernah menjadi pejabat di Pelabuhan Tanjung Perak, Surabaya adalah seorang pemain musik Hawaian. Di rumah, sang ayah sering memutar piringan hitam jazz seperti Stan Kenton, Oscar Peterson, hingga gitaris Joe Pass dan Kenny Burrell. Lima anak keluarga Pattiselano telah akrab dengan jazz sejak masih kanak-kanak. Adik-adik Oele, yaitu Jacky Pattiselanno dan Perry Pattiselanno adalah seniman jazz.

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