Sandhy Sondoro

Sandhy Sondoro

Sandhy Soendhoro, better known by his stage name Sandhy Sondoro, sometimes stylized as Sandhy SonDoro, is an Indonesian singer-songwriter. He is best known for winning the 2009 International Contest of Young Pop Singer New Wave, in Jūrmala, Latvia. Sandhy was born in Jakarta, Indonesia, as Sandhy Soendhoro,[1] to Rr. Rika Pudjihastuti and Achmad Fauzan. Sandhy is of Palembangese, Javanese, Buginese, and Minangkabau descent.[1] Sandhy came from a musical family, where the house provide the likes of American pop, folk, jazz and blues tunes coming from his mother's or father's guitar every day. His cousin, Ira Maya Sopha, was a famous child singer in Indonesia during the 1970s.[2] After graduating from high school in Jakarta, at the age of 18 Sandhy went to visit his uncle in California and stayed there for a while, before leaving for Germany to study architecture.

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