Music can Change the World because it can Change People


Ambon Jazz Plus Festival productions operate by the Archipelago International Music Expo (AIME) team.

AIME is a registered and copyrighted name in Indonesia and owned by The Sophie’s Choice (PT. Ini Pilihan Sophie) – Registration: IDM000637726



When Ambon/Maluku was recovering from five years of politically maneuvered conflict, we (AJPF) knew that to help bring the city back to what it was always known for “Ambon Manise” (Sweet Ambon) is to bring the world back to Ambon.

As Bono once said:” Music can change the world because it can change people”; so music it is the tool to bring people back to Maluku; to bring people back to Ambon.

We created a marketing gimmick called “Ambon Jazz Plus Festival.” Because music has been the “soul-food” indigenous “means of communication” for and amongst the people of Ambon.



Orient Express - US Navy Band
Benny Likumahuwa -AJPF 2009
Sandy Sondhoro - AJPF 2011

We then encouraged, influenced and made the provincial government of Maluku and the city government of Ambon to declare Ambon as the “City of Music” in Indonesia. It happened on the third season of the festival.

However, after reaching the 4th season, we decided to hibernate (AJPF) due to some operational and technical reasons  we were facing at that time.

It is NOW 2020. After 8 long years of hibernation, we believe it is time to re-lit the mission; not necessary to pick up from what we have left; but to do it as a BRAND NEW START. It is still about presenting Jazz “Plus” Funk, Blues, R&B, Hip hop, DJ and more…..

The dream of “Ambon Art & Science Academy” is still the aim for the end result; after how many more of this Festival? Well it is the DREAM; NOW got to do it with a new twist to make that a REALITY.


Decralaration: Ambon as The City of Music in Indonesia, 8 October 2011


Bragging is NOT our nature “Track Records” would speak loudly on our behave.

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