Plastic Free Maluku


AJPF is offering an out of the box strategy for a meaningful, powerful movement for the sake of preserving the environment; and named it “We Plastic-Free Maluku© (WPFM)”. It is a Maluku-Indonesia Movement, to create environmental friendly tourism industry destination. 

TSC is working together with, Berkat Ambon Charitable Fund (BACF) , a foundation based in California, USA, to provide up to at least 200 “free entry” tickets per day, to AJPF, for those that bring per person no less than one Kilogram  plastic waste to the collection zone at the festival venue or a designated area prior to the festival.

Proceed of this sponsored tickets will go for Berkat Ambon Charitable Fund (BACF) social projects on Cancer Treatment for cancer patients without discriminating based on one’s race, creed or religious beliefs.


Indonesia Environment and Forestry Minister Siti Nurbaya Bakar said that Indonesia is among 10 countries committed to combating the problem with plastic waste. Studies indicate that the country may be the second-biggest contributor to marine plastic debris worldwide, with an estimated 1.3 million tons originating from the archipelago annually.


"You Have Been Assigned This Mountain To Show Others It Can Be Moved"

You may have just learned that you have cancer. Or you may be in treatment, finishing treatment, or have a friend or family member with cancer. Having cancer changes your life and the lives of those around you. The symptoms and side effects of the disease and its treatment may cause certain physical changes, but they can also affect the way you feel and how you live.

Cancer can bring up a wide range of feelings, whether you’re in treatment now, done with treatment, or a friend or family member. Therefore, AJPF will utilize its environmental movement, We Plastic-Free Maluku (WPFM) to contribute as much as possible to help those in need for cancer treatment. AJPF has chosen Berkat Ambon Charitable Fund  (BACF) as a foundation focusing on helping people with cancer to work together in partnership and obtain as much support from societies, government entities and or corporations.

Make your hands the extended hands of God to help others in need.


Berkat Ambon Charitable Fund (BACF) is a foundation with its office based in California, USA. The foundation focuses on helping cancer patients in Ambon or the province of Maluku, working together with the Public Health Office of the province of Maluku. The foundation helps patients to get their treatment at hospitals in Jakarta, such as Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital and Gatot Subroto Hospital.

The foundation provides full housing services for each patient prior to being submitted to the hospitals, including the designated family member accompanying the patient while in Jakarta; provisioning funds for all medical treatments required . The foundation pays for their air transport from their home town to Jakarta and visa versa; room and board and all ground transport expenses.

The foundations rented a home in Jakarta to accommodate the patients while treated as out-patients; and named itRumah Pemulihan Berkat” (Home of blessing for recovery).

The address is:

Jalan Tambak 2 Komplek AURI,

RT004, RW 05 Blok B7

Kecamatan: Pegangsaan

Kelurahan: Menteng,

Central Jakarta 10310.

With “We plasctic-Free Maluku” program, AJPF will channel the funds received from tickets purchased by corporation(s), to BACF foundation, to support its continuing services for those diagnosed with cancer in Ambon/Maluku.