Music can Change the World because it can Change People

The Natsepa Resort and Conference

Starting this year 2020, AJPF moved its location from the center of the city to a bay beach area; “Baguala” beach on the property of the gorgeous Natsepa Resort and Conference.

This will be an exciting new venue where people can enjoy music performances by the beautiful scenery of “Baguala” bay on the Island of Ambon. It is only about 30 minutes ride from city central and online transportation such as GRAB CARS are available everywhere in Ambon.

We are grateful that the management of Natsepa Resort and Conference hotel partnering with us in this annual extravaganza

We look forward in seeing you music lovers soon!

Unfortunately, with the coronavirus pandemic, we won’t be able to do the festival at this location. Instead, AJPF is going virtual

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